Feeling Good

I ran very little between August and April for various reasons and it was incredibly hard when I started running again.  I struggled to run well even five months after I started running again.  My last race, a 10-miler in August, was incredibly hard on my body.  I then took a 3 week vacation from running.  When I began running again last week, it felt completely different.  It felt really good!  I ran five miles yesterday and it was better than anytime I ran during the previous five months.  I hope this is a good sign.  Twenty six miles is a LONG distance.


About Time!

I was supposed to start my training on Monday but it took me a few extra days to get my butt moving.  So, for the first time in 24 days, I ran.  It started out painfully as my knee felt really bad.  (My left knee is the only thing that ever hurts!!)  But, after about a half mile, the pain went away and my run went surprisingly well.  I only ran about three miles but I could have run further.  I just did not want to push it too much.  This journey is a marathon, not a sprint.  

Along with training for this marathon, I also want to get down to about 145 pounds before the race.  That means losing about 20 pounds.  That might be harder than the marathon!

The Disney World Marathon

I will be running the Disney World Marathon on January 13, 2013.  It will be the first (and probably last) marathon that I will run.  The last time I ran, a 10-miler three weeks ago, I felt horrible afterwards.  Mentally, I was not feeling well that day and it just made the race grueling.  I have not run since.  But, a few days after that race I decided to sign up for the WDW Marathon for some reason.  Now that I am committed, I have to start training.  I begin that journey tomorrow.  Hopefully.  Although I am sure there aren’t many people out there who really cares about all of this, I hope somebody will read this and maybe have a laugh or two at my expense.  

Why That Name?

Why did I choose the name of my blog?  Many years ago, Jason Giambi famously said to Ken Griffey, Jr., “It’s easy to hit homeruns the way you swing.  You should try to hitting homeruns with my swing!”  That is how I feel about other runners.  Yes, it’s easy to run fast with a body like yours.  You should try running fast with a body like mine!